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Prescriptions term. Of that ancient "seven parties", large, small, slow, anxious, odd, even, complex, where "compound" for the two parties, three of the party and the number of square consistency, or drugs and do not add more than two points are Qi party. Today its meaning and concept of compound are different, the theory of compound, means two or more drugs, according to TCM four diagnostic eight principles, the principles of diagnosis and treatment


The so-called meal (aka meal replacement), as the name suggests is to replace some or all of dinner food, a common meal in the form of meal replacement powders, meal replacement bars, meal replacement shakes and meal soup. Meal In addition to fast and convenient to provide a large variety of nutrients for the body, but with a high-fiber, low-calorie, easy satiety characteristics. Such as the use of raw materials for the production of konjac send flowers


Wildlife resources, refers to the sum of all human production and life of useful wildlife (wildlife plus wild plants) is including the consumption of resources and industrial resources, ecological protection of resources, planting of resources. Wildlife resources of high value, it is not only to provide mankind with a number of production and subsistence, provide the basis for scientific research and culture breeding new varieties.

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Food and DrugAdministrationreferred to FDA




HACCP to ensure food safety in the production, processing, manufacturing, such as food preparation and consumption in the process


ISO9001 certification is one of a core set of quality management system standard ISO9000 family of standards included


halal certification is halal certified products comply with regulations by reviewing raw materials, ingredients, materials, production processes


USDA United StatesDepartment of Agriculture“

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